Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit

Sustainability Business Modelling II

A Course Developed by First Explorers EIT-Climate-KIC and Lean for Flourishing Startups, and the Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit project.

The items below are the modules of the course, without any of the “glue” that introduces and connects the modules together. The full course is available here (Access is limited at this time, we are working on making the full course available)

All the downloads referenced in the modules are in Dropbox here (You need to request access to this).

 Module 1. Kick off 
1.2Do you need this course?http://bit.ly/3aPIOth
1.3What does sustainability mean to you?http://bit.ly/2KX4NU5
1.4What is business modelling?http://bit.ly/2WRErWh
1.5Packing for your journeyhttp://bit.ly/3hpJaI5
Module 2. Mindsets matter
2.1Useful mindsets for SBMhttp://bit.ly/3nWTE45
2.2Exploring your mindsetshttp://bit.ly/3hrxNzj
Module 3. Exploring YOU
3.1Your integrated journey and inspiring personal vision toolkithttp://bit.ly/3hwKpW3
3.2What are you wanting?http://bit.ly/3mZQOtU
3.3Your personal valueshttp://bit.ly/3aNFcrt
3.4Your skills and strengthshttp://bit.ly/37U4sKQ
3.5Defining your idea of successhttp://bit.ly/34NGP4I
3.6What is your personal vision statement?http://bit.ly/3pwz9Md
3.7Your story: story of selfhttp://bit.ly/34RqXyc
Module 4. Your enterprise vision
4.1Building an enterprise vision introductionhttp://bit.ly/38Gfpih
4.2How to build a useful enterprise WHYhttp://bit.ly/3mXhagi
4.3Aligning your enterprise WHY with self and othershttp://bit.ly/3rBWga8
Module 5. Your enterprise stakeholders
5.1The importance of your stakeholdershttp://bit.ly/3mSgd93
5.2Exploring my stakeholdershttp://bit.ly/34NHpzq
Module 6. Designing your Business Model
6.1The Flourishing Business Model Canvashttp://bit.ly/3rDKmMC
6.2Preparing to business modelhttp://bit.ly/3hpEbXQ
6.3Learning the process of business model designhttp://bit.ly/3pxHsYc
6.4Completing your business modelhttp://bit.ly/38Mczbw
6.5Crafting a compelling storyhttp://bit.ly/38XF2LV
Module 7. Validating your business model
7.1Preparing for the next part of your SBM journeyhttp://bit.ly/2MawCZz
7.2Your assumptions versus validating your sustainable business modelhttp://bit.ly/2JvESCG
7.3Discovery research to test assumptionshttp://bit.ly/3psG2hB
7.4Your journey continueshttp://bit.ly/3nZa4sR