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As a leader, designing enterprises that are fit-for-the-21st Century, you need tools that engage with the ever increasing complexity in the world – socially, environmentally and financially.  We invite you to join the community of leaders using the Flourishing Business Canvas to design business models that enable the possibility for human and all other life on our planet to flourish for future generations. Come design your flourishing business model with us: socially beneficial, environmentally regenerative and financially rewarding. To learn more about Flourishing Business click here.

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Meet the leaders using the Flourishing Business Canvas to create fit-for-the-future business models, getting results using it, and accessing exclusive content.

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Start using the Flourishing Business Canvas in your work to design the business models of new enterprises and to update the strategies of established businesses.

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Download the guide accompanies the Flourishing Business Canvas: includes links to videos about each box on the canvas and much more.

Flourishing Business Meeting Brainstorm


Discover our e-learning, live courses and workshops about the Flourishing Business Canvas, fit-for-the-future business modelling, and more.

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Learn more about the Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit that includes the Flourishing Business Canvas.

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The Flourishing Enterprise Co-lab is the not-for-profit that is building the community of people using the Flourishing Business Canvas world-wide. We’d like to count on your support.

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Arnfinn Lundberg Bakke
Arnfinn Lundberg BakkeActing Head of Sustainability, Innovation Norway, Oslo, Norway
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"Innovation Norway, the national innovation agency, is choosing to standardize on using the Flourishing Business Canvas in our business modelling activities with our clients across the country – both startups and established enterprises. We reached this decision after 3 years of extensive research and piloting the Flourishing Business Canvas in our organization. We were searching for a better business modelling tool, one that included factors relevant to Norwegian business today – societal, environmental and economic. We concluded that the Flourishing Business Canvas was the best available tool. We’re excited to be joining the community from around the world who are using this canvas, and hope to learn and plan to contribute to this community."

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