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Our Vision

We believe business must become a key enabler for the possibility for human and all other life to flourish on this planet for generations to come. 

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Our Mission

To realize this goal our mission is to build a community to bring the Flourishing Business Canvas to the world so it becomes widely used to design the business models for fit-for-the-21st Century enterprises – socially beneficial, environmentally regenerative and financially viable.

Flourishing Business About

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to co-create, with the community, a toolkit, that includes the Flourishing Business Canvas. The toolkit will make it practical and pragmatic for business leaders and entrepreneurs to design innovative business models that contribute to the sustainable flourishing of their enterprises, and society and the environment as a whole.

Flourishing Enterprise Co-Lab

About Us:

We are the Flourishing Enterprise Co-lab, a Canadian Not-for-Profit, that has been established as the legal entity to undertake this mission to build a community to bring the Flourishing Business Canvas to the world.


"In our work with our 120 member companies we have found the Flourishing Business Canvas useful when the leadership teams of our member companies are doing business strategy and modelling. The canvas is particularly useful as it integrates triple bottom line aspects into a single tool. While it requires work to grasp, our senior leaders appreciate such a forward looking canvas, and find it helps them developing their thinking about the connections between business, society and the environment. "
Jan Helge Viste
Manager for Digitalization and Business Development, GCE NODE, Kristiansand, Adger, Norway
"I have used the Flourishing Business Canvas extensively in workshops I held lead with the leadership teams of the GCE NODE member company, as well as in my strategy consulting work with other businesses. I find that the canvas enables leaders of established businesses, entrepreneurs and their advisors to develop strategies that integrate social, environmental and financial performance because it gives a good understanding of the full context of and perspectives on any business."
Egil Norman Olsen
Partner at CR Group, Arendal, Adger, Norway
"I use the Flourishing Business Canvas when I teach about business models and when exploring my own business planning. I find the canvas gives a complete picture of a business and its impacts, and helps me think of areas we don’t usually consider in business planning. My aha moment was when I realized the canvas was helping me think holistically, enabling me to consider key stakeholders I didn’t include before, and consider in detail what value co-creations are possible."
Bibiana Cala
Entrepreneur, Calgary, Alberta, Canada