First Explorers

Want to use the Toolkit and Flourishing Business Canvas in your work? We invite you to join our global First Explorers Community!

Our First Explorer Community is a group of business leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs and academics around the world who are exploring using the Canvas and Toolkit in their work. Our First Explorer Agreement enables you to join this community, receiving a free non-transferable license to use the Toolkit & Canvas, in return for your commitment to provide feedback on your experience (allowing us to continue to build and improve). First Explorers also have access to an online cloud-based version of the canvas (to allow for online collaboration with stakeholders) and an online forum to get support using the Toolkit. 

By becoming a First Explorer, you become part of a community working to experiment with the tool, providing feedback to help make it better, and helping determine what supports will be needed in the future to make it user friendly.

See this briefing document for a full overview of the First Explorer Program and how it fits into the broader Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit project. 

Interested or want to learn more? Send us an email at !

Licensing and Copyright

The Toolkit and Canvas are still in development, undergoing testing and improvement by our community and core team. This means that the the Toolkit and Canvas are NOT currently licensed for commercial or non-commercial use. The First Explorer Program allows us to slowly build our community and improve the tools, working towards a global public release.  The final version of the Canvas will be freely available under a Creative Commons Licence and the resources in the Toolkit will be published in a Handbook.

Unless otherwise stated, the works on this website are © Antony Upward / Edward James Consulting Ltd. 2014-2015. All rights are reserved unless the works are clearly marked as licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial -ShareAlike v.4.0 Unported License.

Currently to use the Flourishing Business Canvas and Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit one must complete the First Explorers Agreement to receive a free non-transferable license as described above.