Working Board of Directors

Flourishing Enterprise Co-Lab

Our Invitation

Do you have the combination of purpose, relationships, experience, qualifications, expertise and skills that would make you a valuable member of the working board to advance the vision and mission of the Co-lab? (Scroll down for introduction)

We warmly invite you to consider applying for one or more of our working board positions.  We are actively looking for our Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board Members at Large, with a particular focus on fundraising and marketing. 

The founding members and the recruitment team have prepared an information package for your review and consideration:  This includes details of the working board positions, terms, the recruitment process and more information about Co-lab.   

We hosted an information session on Thursday November 16 – you can download the slides here and watch the video here.

You can apply using this form:  The closing date for applying is Friday December 15, 2023 at 18h00 EST (UTC-5).  

We thank you for your consideration to be part of this vital work to contribute to making flourishing enterprises a reality around the world. Please contact us at with any questions.  

One More Thing

Do you know of anyone who might be interested in and qualified to be part of our inaugural working board?  If yes, please share a link to this page with them.  

Flourishing felicitations

Antony Upward, 

Acting Executive Director, 

on behalf of the Co-lab’s founders, Lori Farley, Nathan Redpath, Antony Upward & Tatiana Vekovishcheva

Introduction to the Flourishing Enterprise Co-lab

The Flourishing Enterprise Co-lab is a Canadian not-for-profit founded in 2021. The vision of Co-lab is to support the design of enterprises that are fit-for-the-21st Century with tools and methods that engage with the ever increasing complexity in the world – socially, environmentally and financially.  Our primary tool is the Flourishing Business Canvas, that, after 10 years of testing, is now available free under a Creative Commons license.

We are now at the point in our journey where we need to recruit our first, working, Board of Directors

Since founding, the Co-lab has been managed and operated by four volunteers: Antony Upward, Justin Chu, Lori Farley, and Nathan Redpath, with help from a number of others. We have established a stable platform from which to scale.  In our two short years together, we have: 

  1. Built an increasingly active community of over 300, and a mailing list of over 1200.  Active members include the national innovation agency of Norway, the pan-EU climate change initiative, and Canada’s largest centre for social innovation
  2. Enabled the download of the canvas in multiple languages over 2750 times 
  3. Established a monthly speaker series so members of the community can share their experiences using the Canvas with each other
  4. Supported members of the community as they apply the Canvas in their contexts, including strategy development in the tourism sector and a micro-certified course in flourishing business model design. 

The results from the past decade, applying the Flourishing Business Canvas in practice around the world, has shown us that the future outlook is bright.  We see a significant opportunity to create a powerful move towards sustainable flourishing by large numbers of leaders of established businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.  

Your participation in the working board gives you the opportunity to both shape and be part of this work.