Future Toolkit Elements

The following components have been identified as valuable potential additions to the Toolkit. There is no timeline for the development of these components.  Creation and release depends on securing funding for their development, testing and release. 

In no specific order: 

  • An App. Some of our community members have established a company, StrateGaia, to bring a WebApp for the Flourishing Business Canvas to market
  • Additional Tools:
    • Wayfinding Cards to facilitate the early stages of the design of flourishing business models
    • Designing value co-creations is one of the most challenging parts of business modeling. A Flourishing Value Co-Creation Canvas tool would be very useful complement to the Flourishing Business Canvas
    • Circular Flow Canvas tool would aid in the development of business models that apply the circular economy business model pattern
  • Design principles for Flourishing Enterprises, i.e. what are good answers to the questions the Canvas asks if your goal is to design an organization that enables sustainable flourishing
  • Methods for the effective use of the Canvas. While two methods with tasks identified have been developed, there is still a need for a Flourishing Product / Service Design Method. Business designers need support to develop products and services that enable the possibility for sustainable flourishing
  • Patterns that illustrate business models that are either viable in the present and near future or could be viable in the longer term
  • Case Studies for the use of the Canvas. While a number of Case Studies exist, and many more have been started, there is a need for a comprehensive collection of Case Studies covering as many cultures, sectors, groups, issues and places as possible
  • Deep Dive Tools Catalog. The Canvas summarizes a business model. There is much additional detail required. Many tools exist to help efficiently, effectively and gracefully create this detail. This catalogue will list, for each box on the Canvas, what deep dive tools are recommended
  • Complementary Tools Catalog. The Canvas is not a universal hammer. While it is a very powerful and useful tool it has limits. This catalogue will list additional tools that can help develop strategies and start new enterprises
  • Gamification. To introduce the Canvas to new users, perhaps young people, a game about business modeling using the Canvas would be very powerful approach

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