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We are building a community to bring the Flourishing Business Canvas to the world.

Our community supports leaders and entrepreneurs to scale the application of the Flourishing Business Canvas to realize the possibilities for sustainable flourishing around the world.

Flourishing Business Community: Diverse group of business people having a conversation

Who Can Join?

This is a community for leaders who want to ensure their enterprises are socially beneficial, environmentally regenerative and financially viable; enterprises that enable the possibility for human and all other life to flourish on this planet for generations to come:

This is a community for people like you.
Join the Flourishing Business Community.

Flourishing Business Community

Why Join

By joining us you will be part of a planetary-wide peer community of changemakers.  You will gain access to:

The benefits you can gain by joining the community include: 

  • Meet new people: Your fellow members are as motivated as you are to explore and apply the Flourishing Business Canvas
  • Get results: As you dive into the community, you’re on a path of mastery. While it’s not necessarily easy, the transformation we’ll get together matters
  • Access exclusive content:  
    • Additional materials, tools and methods that complement the Flourishing Business Canvas making it even more useful 
    • Webinars where members share their experiences and the team bring you the latest updates 
    • Courses to inspire, instruct, and engage 
    • Blog posts from leading thinkers


We don’t want there to be barriers to joining our community. 
Contact us and we will work with you to enable you to become a member.

Community Leadership


We are currently seeking people to volunteer and be part of the team animating the community that is bringing the Flourishing Business Canvas to the world. If you would be interested in volunteering please get in touch.

Board of Directors

We are recruiting our First Board of Directors, please get in touch if you would be interested in playing a leadership role.


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