Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit

Sustainability Business Modelling II

A Course Developed by EIT-Climate-KIC, First Explorer Lean for Flourishing Startups, and the Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit project.

 Module 1. Kick off 
1.2Do you need this course?http://bit.ly/3aPIOth
1.3What does sustainability mean to you?http://bit.ly/2KX4NU5
1.4What is business modelling?http://bit.ly/2WRErWh
1.5Packing for your journeyhttp://bit.ly/3hpJaI5
Module 2. Mindsets matter
2.1Useful mindsets for SBMhttp://bit.ly/3nWTE45
2.2Exploring your mindsetshttp://bit.ly/3hrxNzj
Module 3. Exploring YOU
3.1Your integrated journey and inspiring personal vision toolkithttp://bit.ly/3hwKpW3
3.2What are you wanting?http://bit.ly/3mZQOtU
3.3Your personal valueshttp://bit.ly/3aNFcrt
3.4Your skills and strengthshttp://bit.ly/37U4sKQ
3.5Defining your idea of successhttp://bit.ly/34NGP4I
3.6What is your personal vision statement?http://bit.ly/3pwz9Md
3.7Your story: story of selfhttp://bit.ly/34RqXyc
Module 4. Your enterprise vision
4.1Building an enterprise vision introductionhttp://bit.ly/38Gfpih
4.2How to build a useful enterprise WHYhttp://bit.ly/3mXhagi
4.3Aligning your enterprise WHY with self and othershttp://bit.ly/3rBWga8
Module 5. Your enterprise stakeholders
5.1The importance of your stakeholdershttp://bit.ly/3mSgd93
5.2Exploring my stakeholdershttp://bit.ly/34NHpzq
Module 6. Designing your Business Model
6.1The Flourishing Business Model Canvashttp://bit.ly/3rDKmMC
6.2Preparing to business modelhttp://bit.ly/3hpEbXQ
6.3Learning the process of business model designhttp://bit.ly/3pxHsYc
6.4Completing your business modelhttp://bit.ly/38Mczbw
6.5Crafting a compelling storyhttp://bit.ly/38XF2LV
Module 7. Validating your business model
7.1Preparing for the next part of your SBM journeyhttp://bit.ly/2MawCZz
7.2Your assumptions versus validating your sustainable business modelhttp://bit.ly/2JvESCG
7.3Discovery research to test assumptionshttp://bit.ly/3psG2hB
7.4Your journey continueshttp://bit.ly/3nZa4sR