Stories from the Field: Designing Adventure Tourism Using the Canvas

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Speakers Series: Stories from the Field #11

Designing Adventure Tourism using the Canvas with Hildur Kristjánsdóttir

Date: Tuesday March 12
Time: 15h00 UTC – 08h00 PST, 11h00 EST, 15h00 GMT, 16h00 CET, 00h00 JST (+1 day). 

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Duration: 1 hour
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For our eleventh monthly flourishing business community speaker series: stories from the field, the community is delighted to welcome Hildur Kristjánsdóttir from Midgard Adventure in Iceland.

Hildur is a nature lover and co-owner of Midgard Adventure.  She takes on a wide variety of operational roles: hiking guide, travel agent, travel product designer, sustainability project management, education design and delivery, manager of events & groups.

Midgard Adventure is a family and friends-run adventure company. It is a travel agency, tour operator, accommodation and restaurant, located on the South coast of Iceland.

In her masters thesis the Flourishing Business Canvas was explored as a strategic tool for Midgard Adventure to investigate how to mitigate the negative impacts of the company, promote sustainable development and examine the potential of a regenerative tourism approach.  A further aim was to examine if the core activities of Midgard Adventure aligns to the regenerative tourism approach, and if the Canvas can be used to frame Midgard’s Business Model from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective.  

The Flourishing Enterprise Strategy Design Method (FESDM) was used to inspire sustainable business innovation and testing. The Aspirational Business Model (Far-Future) was compared to the Current Business Model, and finally, improvements were identified. 

In her talk, Hildur will review how the Canvas and FESDM was used in her research and with her colleagues and other stakeholders, and subsequently how the results of this work have been applied by Midgard.  Topics will include: 

  • What was the objective of using the Canvas to develop a strategy for Midgard?
  • How did she get up to speed with the Canvas and FESDM?
  • How did colleagues and stakeholders react to the Canvas and the steps of the FESDM?
  • What results have been achieved once the research was completed?
  • What is exciting and challenging about the Canvas and FESDM?
  • What does Hildur hope to gain from participating in the Flourishing Business Community?
  • What can Hildur offer to the community?

At the end of her talk Hildur will take questions from members of the community.

After the event a video of the talk plus slides will be shared in the “Speaker Series” space of the Flourishing Business Community. Please join other flourishing business leaders and become a full member to access.

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